Feeling Good Friday

Happy Friday! Today is a short post because it's Friday, it's a holiday weekend for most, and the week is over. But also, I have a Scale Victory to report! Since I re-started my weight loss/lifestyle change/healthy journey, I have lost 20lbs!

AND since I'm pretty transparent with my journey, I was finally able to see my weight on my home scale for the first time in almost 10 months. 10 MONTHS. I actually started crying this morning because the picture below for the past 10 months comes up with E meaning there is an error because, you too big boy! 😂

(Thank god I got a pedicure last week because now I don't feel self conscious about my hobbit feet, ha!)

Ya know, in previous weight loss journeys, it was always lose weight fast, how fast can I drop weight?, low carb gets me there quicker so let's just do that. But now I know that those aren't sustainable. If you take the 20lbs that I've lost and spread it over the 9 weeks that's I've really been dedicated to this, that comes out to a little over 2 lbs a week. MUCH more sustainable than dropping it fast.

This also gives me that push to continue. I won't lie, the last 2 weeks have been hard because I feel slightly different but I can't see any difference. And this helps to confirm that my hard work is paying off.

I hope you all have a wonderful Friday and safe weekend. I love you all 😍