Overconfidence - The Devil of Motivation

Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope you had a safe Memorial Day weekend. This is a brief follow-up to my Feeling Good Friday post. So, spent the day feeling good - I found out I had lost 20 lbs, my clothes feel good, I feel good. Good day overall, right? Then the same 'ol doubt and self-saboteur comes back. I have a work conference next week and was looking for a few newer shirts and a belt. Don't you love trying on clothes? Yeah, me too - said no one ever.

That overconfident feeling you get when you pick the size you think will fit (never mind the actual style or fit of the item) and you go try it on and you look like a can of busted biscuits. Never has my confidence plummeted than it has after that! But one thing got me thinking - why do I do this? I'm all about celebrating small victories and even clothes shopping. But why do I get overconfident and then end up killing that emotion rather than being smart about it. Why not start with the current size (or larger depending on style) and go from there? Rather than just assume the smaller size will fit? (Not even including the fact that not all clothes fit everyone the same way - which is a whole other story and topic)

And this is something I do all the time. Which then sends me back to emotional eat and get back to where I started. And I know I'm not the only one - why do we do this? I read somewhere that it is a progress bias issue (basically you think you do better when you make little progress which in turn makes you more confident and then results in riskier actions) which makes complete sense! I drop 20 lbs and maybe half an inch and think, well hell I can fit into those pants that I wore 7 years ago in the donate pile. But like....no I can't haha.

Anyway, do you ever do this? Get overconfident and end up regretting it? Comment below!

P.S. I'm a little nervous because this week is a "travel" work conference week for me and the first time since my true weight loss journey. Food will be readily available - which is never good for me! I'll update on Friday :)