Running while Sick

Happy Tuesday! It has been a rough few days since my last post. I woke up Friday morning with a sore throat and it seems my sinuses decided to act up (sinus infection, ear infection, all the fun stuff). Now if you read online, almost anywhere, they tell you that running while sick with anything from the neck above is fine and may actually help. Those people are liars! I ran last night, first time trying a night run, and I had a hard time (see picture).

The nastiness in my throat was hard to get over and breathe properly. BUT after like 15 minutes, I will say that my sinuses did feel better, just not my throat. It was nice to run at night since it was as hot as a few hours prior but it was still rough with the head issues. So yeah, you theoretically can run while sick, but like not successfully haha. Or having a good time.

Now it could have been that it had been over 2 weeks since I last ran, but we'll just say it was my cold 😃

Have you ever ran while sick? Did it help you? Any tips?

Have a great week!!