Having Your Sh*t Together

Happy Friday! Today I have an interesting topic inspired by a funny meme my sister tagged me in on Facebook. See below: sh.t together

I thought this was funny because I think I say this to myself almost daily. But on a deeper level, what does “have your sh*t together” even mean? A lot of times we compare ourselves to the plan we had in our minds of where I’d be by now – mine was the 5- and 10-year plan. Or we compare ourselves to our friends that may be “ahead” of you in the plan or even celebrities. My 5-year plan was the following:

  • Have a significant other (engaged or married)
  • Make close to 6 figures per year
  • Be a Director of Sales for a Full-Service Hotel (larger with 200+ rooms and meeting space)
  • Own a home (not very big but my own place)

Pretty standard, right? 10-year plan was very similar except throw in about 2-3 kids and a pet or 2. Probably bigger house, more money, etc. Do I have any of these? No bahahahah (except one pet). And you know what – it’s ok. Most of my friends are married and either have kids or are expecting. I’m not. A year ago, I had issues with that. I judged myself for that. Heck, 6 months ago I felt that way. But I have a secret that is a huge game changer…no one has their sh*t together.

My 100 days post is kind of like getting my sh*t together. Me getting up every morning and being 15 minutes late instead of 30 is getting my sh*t together. Me waking up and not calling in to work is getting my sh*t together. I know people who are a lot older than I am that don’t necessarily have their sh*t together. And ya know what, it’s okay.

I may have all of my sh*t together by the time they are putting me 6 feet in the ground (fingers crossed). But who cares. As long as you are trying or at least can successfully manage it, you’re good. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself.

If you have a great way of having your sh*t together, comment below! I need ideas haha.

Have a great and safe weekend!