Running While Fat

This week’s topic (sorry it’s late) I want to talk about running while fat. I did a few quick searches last week on this topic and there isn’t anything that discusses actually working out or running while being obese. It talks about how to lose weight, motivation, but not really the nitty gritty. So that’s why we’re here :) So first thing, you read this almost everywhere and it sounds like a cop out so no one can sue, but you really do need to talk to a doctor before starting any sudden interest in fitness/working out. One of the reasons, is your heart. You may not actually have a strong enough heart to take on the stress of a workout. Or you may think that you can do a full HIIT (high intensity interval training) style workout when really you just need to start walking.

Second, for years, I have run with what I call sweat bands around my waist. I wear 2 and there are a few reasons why I wear them. One reason, because my stomach goes up and down when I run or workout and it’s not fun. It hurts, makes me sick to my stomach, and I’m very self conscious about it. These bands keep everything in place. Second, it helps you sweat more which is always good right? And third, it actually helps me slightly with posture. It forces me to keep my stomach/and tight and think about my back angle because there is resistance from the band when I don’t do it correctly.

Now let’s talk about shorts and the leg rubbing and friction, or as we call it in my family - chub rub. One of the unfortunate things about being bigger (and this happens to a lot of people small and big) is the friction of your legs rubbing together and creating an irritation or the fun inner thigh short ride up. One way I’ve fixed this, roll your shorts up on the sides to match how high the ride up is on the inside - it helps with the overall look and people think it’s natural. Or you can buy actual running shorts which are typically shorter but I ain’t got that kinda money right now. At the same time, buy longer legged sliders to go underneath. This way, when the shorts do ride up, you legs will have a fabric that is meant for friction in between them. When it’s colder I’ll wear leggings just as my running bottoms because they have the same effect. This helps tremendously - I have been doing both methods for years and it helps.