2 Things No One Told Me When Training for a Run

Happy Tuesday! I hope you all are having a great start to your week. I took last week from training and am back at it this week. I got to thinking of when I first started running for a race back in 2011/2012 and how there were a few things that no one really told me about running. I did do some online research but back then (ya know, forever ago) the abundance of information definitely wasn't out there. So I'm going to talk about 2 things that I have found to be my biggest struggles and also 2 important things I wish I would've known. 1. Breathing and how important it is. So this one is kind of stupid for me not to think was important, but I didn't. But when I talk about breathing, I mean the way you breathe while running and recovering. We all know how the body works and how oxygen is needed to live. When you run, your body has a harder time breathing because it needs the oxygen faster. One way that I have figured out helps the most, is straight up birth breathing. I take two shorter breathes in and one long out. Over and over again. And that's all I focus on. Because if I don't focus on it, I start thinking of how tired I am or how my body hurts. But if I concentrate on my breathe, I block out those other thoughts and push myself a little more. As I've mentioned before in Running without music, I don't run listening to music so I can focus on that one thing: my breathing.

2. Shin Splints. What the hell even is a shin splint? Short story, it's when you shin hurts haha. Long story, you calf muscles work too hard which make your shin muscle over compensate. I used to have them in high school but they would go away pretty easily. For some reason, long distance running, they won't go away. And there is no real way to cure it. Just super good stretching. The only good thing I found was a stretch where you put your foot behind the opposite leg's knee and do a semi-squat or knee bend and it stretches the shin so well. It's amazing.

What were some things you didn't know or realize when you started running? I'd love to hear!

Have a great week!