Friday the 13th blues

Happy Friday the 13th! What a fun day - first it's Friday 😃 Second, you can get tattoos for super cheap. And for me, it's pay day haha. Which I desperately needed today. I don't think I have any weird superstitions that I truly live by - some of the ones I've read about our interesting. We always had a few when I was younger, holding your breath when passing a cemetery. Never turning back for something you forgot after you've left on a trip. Black cats. That was about it.

So can I be real for a second? I've been "off the wagon" for the last week 😕 Last week was great, started my clean eating cleanse and was taking a break from running after the 5K. Then this week hits and I somewhat lost some drive to do anything. Didn't eat right (which my body is paying for right now) and no working out. And it wasn't even hot this week in Dallas! Feeling bad from my poor eating has made me really want to get back on track with that (I'm gonna restart tomorrow). I have a virtual 5K this month to complete and a live 5K next month. So I have goals I need to worn towards - but I'm bleh.

What are some ways you motivate or re-motivate yourself?

Have a safe and happy weekend!